RIOTING At Seattle May Day Protest – Three Cops Injured in Rock & Wrench Attack (VIDEO)

May Day Seattle

(Guest post by Michael Strickland)

The “International Worker’s Day” has turned into a full blown riot in Seattle, as police report black bloc anarchists hurled wrenches and rocks at police, injuring 3 officers. Police fired back with pepper spray, and arrested 15 people, as protesters ended the evening by starting a fire near Seattle Central Community College.

KING5 News reports Seattle Police Captain Chris Fowler tweeted “This is no longer demonstration management, this has turned into a riot.” 25 vehicles have been damaged thus far, a sculpture at the college was vandalized, and local police and state troopers had to block on ramps to the freeways.

Seattle Post Intelligencer also reports that garbage cans were set on fire, and windows were smashed out in Urban Outfitters.

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