Pathetic. Obama White House Actually Blames Bush for ISIS

Worst Administration Ever–
Thanks to Obama ISIS Islamists now control half of Syria and one-third of Iraq.
isis map
ISIS Terrorists now control territory larger than the land mass of Great Britain.

How pathetic is this?
The Obama White House once again tried to blame George W. Bush for the creation of ISIS – an Islamist group that was formed when US troops left Iraq in 2011.

Transcript via The White House Dossier from a press conference last week:


Q Jeb Bush said yesterday that “ISIS didn’t exist when my brother was President.” He has a point, doesn’t he?

MR. EARNEST: No, I don’t think that he does. We’ve sort of been through the history here.

Q ISIS didn’t exist when his brother was President.

MR. EARNEST: Well, again, I think that’s missing the point, actually. But I’ll allow others to critique his position.

Q I mean, what about that, though? I mean, ISIS — the larger point there is that because the President decided to complete a full withdrawal from Iraq — and of course we can go back and debate the circumstances around that, but you didn’t have the status forces agreement with the Iraqi’s that you wanted to have and so forth — that that vacuum allowed ISIS to develop into the threat to this country and to that region that they are today. Isn’t there something to that?

MR. EARNEST: No, there’s not. Because, again, the outgrowth of — we know that ISIL was an outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq that did not exist prior to the fateful decision made by the previous administration to launch an invasion of that country. And that is also a relevant fact.

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