Malik Zulu Shabazz: Cops and Founders Are the Real Terrorists (VIDEO)

Former National Leader of The New Black Panther Party, President of Black Lawyers for Justice ,, Malik Zulu Shabazz joined Steve Malzberg to discuss Baltimore Cops and his previous comment that some people needed to get hurt in Baltimore.

Malik Shabazz: Yes, what you’re complaining about me saying some words about Baltimore riots, is nothing compared to the dead bodies across America, dead black bodies at the hands of law enforcement… Excessive force is used against us 60 to 1…

Steve Malzberg: If somebody like Michael Brown were white and grabbed for the officer’s gun and hit him and ran and charged at him a cop would shoot him too.

Shabazz: If he were white they never would have lied and said that he charged…

Malzberg: Oh, so they lied. So, Eric Holder is a liar too?

Shabazz: Eric Holder is incompetent in the prosecution of Darren Wilson… You must admit you really don’t want these cops to go to jail for killing us?… The real thugs are the Founders, the fore fathers…

Malik needs to cut back on the hooch.

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