Liberal Logic: ‘Let’s Improve Detroit By Making It A War Zone’

Guest post by DMartyr


Only a liberal would think settle more impoverished, illiterate people into a decaying city would improve it. Brought to you by the leftist wackos at The New York Times:

Detroit, a once great city, has become an urban vacuum. Its population has fallen to around 700,000 from nearly 1.9 million in 1950. The city is estimated to have more than 70,000 abandoned buildings and 90,000 vacant lots. Meanwhile, desperate Syrians, victims of an unfathomable civil war, are fleeing to neighboring countries, with some 1.8 million in Turkey and 600,000 in Jordan.

Suppose these two social and humanitarian disasters were conjoined to produce something positive.

Improving Detroit by importing competing factions from a war zone. What could possibly go wrong?

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