LIVE FEED=> LEFTISTS Face Off With Anti-Islamist Activists at AZ Islamist Center Protest

Hundreds of protesters faced off outside the Phoenix Islamic Center tonight—
islamist rally az
Patriotic bikers and Islam supporters faced off outside the center.
Pagans and marijuana activists joined the rally tonight.

Armed bikers planned an anti-Islamist protest on Friday at the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
The protest is called Freedom of Speech Rally Round II.

Two pro-ISIS terrorists were shot dead outside the Garland, Texas Draw Mohammad Contest in early May.  
The two terrorists attended the Phoenix mosque.
isis terror texas
Jihadists Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson were shot dead when they tried to ambush the Texas “Draw Mohammad Contest.” ISIS took credit for the attack.


Tonight leftist protesters faced off with the anti-Islamist protesters outside the Islamic Center.

The protesters (not the leftists) are chanting, “USA! USA!…” outside the Islamic Center.

10 officers have now formed a human chain between the two groups.

The Shariah supporters call themselves “pro-love protesters.”

It just wouldn’t be a protest without some leftist appeasers defending the Islamists.

A former Marine was at the protest and told the News 12 reporter that he was there because he feared an attack by ISIS.
ISIS threatened to attack the rally today.

Here’s the live feed from the protest.

Pot supporters turned out?

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