ISLAMISTS & LEFTISTS ATTACK Freedom Protesters in Denmark (Video)

Far left radicals and members of the Hizb-Ut-Tahir Islamist group attacked a group of Freedom protesters in Denmark
hizb ul tahir denmark
Hizb ut-Tahir Islamists and leftists march in Denmark.

Freedom protesters were assaulted by Islamo-leftists at their rally in Denmark this week.
10 reported, via Religion of Peace:

The below is written by a friend who joins our weekly evening demonstrations every Monday in Copenhagen.

But first a video from that same evening. You can see us in the back ground with our white signs and banner “For Frihed” (For Freedom). We stood their 20-30 minutes while the police was fighting with the anti-fascists who tried to get to our group and attack us. Finally the police gave up and ordered us to return to our starting point. A loss for free speech and our constitutional right to assemble. But probably good for physical safety:

Of course, several unruly leftists were cuffed and arrested during the confrontation.
leftists arrested denmark added:

By the way: Link to photos showing Hizb-ut-Tahrir speaking from the “anti”-fascists van here. I just do not get it: why does the Left love Islam that much? When I was a kid the Left was against suppression of women, against the power of religion (it was “opium” for the people) and for the right to speak freely against any authority, religious or political. Is it because Muslims vote Left, are they suicidal (artists and political activists will be the first to be flogged, tortured or beheaded if sharia takes over) or do they just not have a clue?

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