Former Attorney For Texas Jihadist Blames ‘Draw Muhammad’ Organizers For His Terrorist Act

Guest post by DMartyr


An attorney who once represented Texas jihadist Elton Simpson said he was “one of the good ones.”

The attorney, Kristina Sitton, defended Simpson against terrorism charges in 2011. She insinuates that Simpson only became violent after being provoked by the organizers of the Draw Muhammad event:


The attorney who once defended one of two men who opened fire at a “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas on Sunday says she was “shocked” to learn that he was involved in the attack. She says she has represented a number of people charged with terrorism-related crimes. Some of them are the “worst of the worst,” but Elton Simpson was “one of the good ones,” she said.[…]

Sitton says the narrative of the shooting is not representative of the client she describes as a kind, respectful young man who frequently tried to convert her and others to Islam. “He was always kind about it,” she said. “He would say, ‘the Koran says this and the Koran says that,’ but it was always respectful.”

She questioned the motivation of the organizers of the “Draw Muhammad” event, as images of the prophet are highly offensive to many Muslims. “I kind of wonder what this event was about,” she says. “It just seems like they want to provoke people.”

Kristina Sitton
Kristina Lyn Sitton

She claims she’s not liberal, yet she happily jumps on the blame the victims bandwagon.

The judge in Simpson’s case dismissed the charges against him.

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