BREAKING=> Baltimore Police Detain Videographer Who Filmed Freddie Gray’s Arrest (Update)

Videographer Kevin Moore filmed Freddie Gray’s last moments.
On Thursday Moore was arrested by Baltimore police.
kevin moore

Moore’s footage of Freddie Gray’s arrest went viral.
Protests have swept Baltimore since the video was released.
freddie gray

Moore said that he had already spoken at length with two detectives in the Police Department’s Office of Internal Oversight and given them his video of the incident.


Moore filmed Freddie Gray being dragged to a police van and his final moments before his neck snapped.

Kevin Moore claimed that the police had been harassing and intimidating him after he went public with the footage.
Tonight Kevin Moore and two members of Cop Watch – Chad Jackson and Tony White were arrested.

UPDATE: Police released Moore late Thursday night but not the men who were with him during his arrest are still in custody.

Moore was in a car with two men from Cop Watch when he was arrested. The two men have been identified as Chad Jackson and Tony White.

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