SYRIAN WAR Death Toll Now Tops IRAQ WAR Death Toll

During the Bush years the media gladly reported on the ‘grim milestones‘ as the body count rose during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

By the time George Bush left office and thanks to the successful surge in troops the number of deaths had dropped significantly from over 3,000 per month to 586 per month.

A total of 136,825 and 154,813 Iraqis were killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and the ISIS incursion.
iraq body count deaths


When George Bush left office the media stopped reporting on the grim milestones reached in Iraq.

The violence in Iraq increased significantly after Barack Obama removed all US troops. ISIS now controls roughly a third of Iraq.

Then there’s this…
There have been over 210,000 Syrians killed during the country’s civil war.

The death toll after nearly four years of civil war in Syria has risen to 210,060, nearly half of them civilians, but the real figure is probably much higher, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

syrian refugees
Refugees in a Syrian refugee camp.

For some reason the dead in Syria are not worth the same headlines as the dead in Iraq.
Interesting, huh?

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