Somali Muslims Rally for Accused ISIS Terrorists in Minnesota (VIDEO)

Dozens of Somali Muslims rallied at the Minnesota State Capital on Saturday in support of the six Islamists charged with suspicion of trying to join ISIS.

The protesters chanted “Islam is Peace” and “Free our bros” outside the state capital.
somali muslims isis minnesota

Here’s video from the protest:

CBS Local reported:

Dozens of local Somali families gathered at the State Capitol Saturday afternoon, calling for the release of six terror suspects.

They’re calling for the government to stop what they see as attacks against them, and say the suspects were set up.

Six local Somalis were charged this week with trying to leave the country to join the terrorist group. These four men were taken into custody in Minneapolis a week ago. Two others were arrested in San Diego.

Federal agents also arrested Mahamed Said for allegedly making threats on Twitter in response to the arrests. One tweet from his account said if the men weren’t freed, there would be a “massacre.” Another message said “Best believe I’m gonna kill for those guys if they don’t free my brothers.”

The leadership and families at Saturday’s rally denounced any retaliation because of the arrests and asked for the public to hold judgment until their sons are found guilty or not guilty.

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