FERGUSON MOB Loots Gas Station – Blocks Traffic – Hurls Rocks at Cops – ONE PERSON SHOT (Video)

Protesters were back out on the street Tuesday in Ferguson.

Peaceful Protests–
The mob tossed rocks at cops as they were assisting a shooting victim.
flags ferguson

One man was shot Tuesday near the Northland chop suey.


The parking lot on West Florissant was packed.

Shots were fired…

The local man was shot in the leg.

UPDATE: It’s not clear if the shooting was related to the protest.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

A man was shot as a group of about 50 protesters took to West Florissant Avenue near Canfield Drive Tuesday night.

The man was carried to the safety of a chop suey restaurant by bystanders and a Post-Dispatch photographer at the scene.

Police who were at the scene to monitor the protest quickly took a person into custody in the shooting and recovered a gun.

It was unclear if the shooting was related to the protest.

UPDATE: “Peaceful” Ferguson protesters looted a nearby Dellwood gas station overnight – the third time the station was looted since August.

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