SHOCK VIDEO>>> 19 Yr-Old Michigan Girl Runs Over Rival After Street Brawl

If women ran the world, there would be no more wars…
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A 19 year-old Michigan woman ran over her rival in her car after they brawled in the street.
(Warning on Violent content – Language)

Such lovely young ladies.


It’s not the first time the woman dragged someone under her car.
The Daily Mail reported:

A 19-year-old woman is wanted by police after video appeared online this week, showing the teenager hitting and running over a rival with her car in a ruthless street fight.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Police have an arrest warrant out for suspect Jalin Smith-Walker in connection to the Monday evening fight, but as of Thursday morning authorities say they are still attempting to locate the young woman.

And this isn’t the first time that Smith-Walker has been accused of wreaking havoc with her car. In December, she was arrested for dragging a mall security guard several feet when he tried to stop her on suspicion of shoplifting.

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