O’Reilly on Obama’s Bergdahl Mess: “This Is Just Outright Rank Deception… Insulting Every American!” (VIDEO)

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Bill O’Reilly continued his reportage on the Bowe Bergdahl story on Tuesday.
During his discussion with Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday Bill went off on President Obama for his serial lying.

“Let’s get to a more important issue, deception on the side of the White House. I am just appalled, just appalled, because we did not know about this NCIS report until yesterday. But surely President Obama knew about it. And, he does this big dog and pony show and he sends his guys out to tell everybody how honorable this Bergdahl guy was. Loon or not, he’s not honorable. Loon or not. And the NCIS clearly says the guy was collaborating with the enemy and doing all kinds of things. So how do you square that?… This bumps it up to a new level… This is so clear cut. This is way more clear than Benghazi. As I said, that was quick after.

This was five years of calculated deception.… This is calculated deception. How does President Obama think anyone is going to trust him other than the KoolAid drinkers. How does he think he’s going to have any credibility?… This is five years of deception though. This is just outright rank deception insulting, insulting every American Charles!

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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