MASS RIOTING IN BALTIMORE – Far Left Protesters Loot, Chuck Rocks at Police, Smash Windows (VIDEO)

Peaceful Protest—
Leftists rioted, chucked rocks at police and smashed windows in Baltimore Saturday night.
baltimore riot
Peaceful leftists took to the streets of Baltimore tonight.

The protesters attacked police and smashed up windows.

The far left mob trampled police cars.
balitmore police cars


protest balitmore signs

Plenty of useful idiots came out to support the violence.

Protest leader DeRay McKesson, from Ferguson, was in attendance and promoted local looters.
deray looting

Ferguson protest leaders Deray and ShordeeDooWhop were flown in to help stir up the hatred and violence.
deray netaaaa

Deray McKesson and Johnetta Elzie (ShordeeDooWhop) who helped whip up the Ferguson mobs last year were recently named by Fortune Magazine as two of the world’s greatest leaders.

The looters demanded justice for Freddie Gray – by looting stores.

Coming soon to a town near you…

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