ISIS Bans Men’s Skinny Jeans & iPhone Music

The Islamic State passed new regulations on the people of Raqqa recently.
The terror group recently banned skinny jeans, smoking and music on iPhones.
isis skinny jeans
Men caught in skinny jeans will by jailed.

Via Raqqa Is Being Killed Silently website:

Over the past few days, ISIS group issued new penalty include smokers and retarded for prayer in the mosque and who have songs in their mobile phones, as well as any young man wearing a tight jeans, the new penalty is imprisonment for a period of ten days, punctuated by an Islamic course, All detainees will subject to a test at the end of that session, who pass the test released immediately, but who don’t pass the test should pay a fine and join another course, and stays that way until pass the test.

When we asked Jassem, one of the sons of the city about the new sanctions, he said: “ISIS group tightens penalties, and uses the principle of intimidation in dealing with public, which led to the migration and escape of many people, where the expression of view has become a crime, so you can not oppose or discuss a decision issued by the group, otherwise you will be arrested on charges of violation of God’s law as its fighters claim, but they are far from this law. “

Jassem added: “there are no different between ISIS and Assad’s regime, bribe and favoritism are widespread within the group and play a major role in such issues, especially among the local members of the group.”

Thus, the group continues its crack down on civilians in various ways, by the issue of decisions and new laws more tough than its predecessors, where ISIS already issued a decision banning women under fifty year old to leave the city and travel to the areas of regime control, as well as they prevent each who born from 1990 until 2000 to travel to the regime areas also to provide school and university exams, arguing that these schools and universities belonging to the infidel regime, in addition to many penalties in all areas, and so the people of Raqqa live under a crippling blockade imposed by the group, and their tongues are incapable to speech, as usual.

ISIS also started an anti-smoking campaign in the Caliphate recently.
isis cigarettes
The cigarette burning images emerged as it was revealed ISIS has erected shocking anti-smoking posters throughout its self-declared caliphate featuring images of burning human lungs. (Daily Mail)

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