Is Hillary Clinton a Husband Beater?

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A 1999 book about Hillary Clinton included a report that the then First Lady may have attacked her husband President Bill Clinton in 1993 with such ferocity it left a “mean claw mark” on his face.

Last week a new book about life behind the scenes at the White House included reports that Hillary Clinton physically attacked her husband on other occasions.

Spousal abuse is a very serious matter whether one thinks the victimized spouse deserves it or not. The law is clear—one may not physically attack one’s spouse. And physical attacks on the President of the United States can bring felony charges and up to ten years in federal prison.

The New York Daily News reported on Gail Sheehy’s book Hillary’s Choice.

“People are still wondering how Bill Clinton got that scratch on his chin shortly after Barbra Streisand’s sleepover at the White House. Former White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers says in a new bio of the First Lady that reporters were right to be suspicious when the President appeared one morning in 1993 with what Sheehy calls a “mean claw mark along his jawline.”

“ “I’m the idiot who said he’d cut himself shaving, before I’d seen him,” Myers tells author Gail Sheehy in Hillary’s Choice.

“Then I saw him. It was a big scratch, and clearly not a shaving cut. Barbra Streisand was clearly around at the time.

“Stubborn speculation is that Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had been attending to her dying father on the night in question, struck her husband when she returned to D.C. and learned that the President had had a merry dinner with Streisand. Hillary campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson declined to discuss the renewed speculation about the scratch. “I’m not going to comment on this nonsense,” he told us…”

The New York Post reported earlier this week on The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House by journalist Kate Andersen Brower.

“During the height of President Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal, a White House maid entered the bedroom to clean and was shocked to find the president and first lady’s bed covered in blood.

“The blood belonged to the president, who said publicly that he “hurt himself running into the bathroom door in the middle of the night.”

“But the White House residence staff believed differently. As one worker told author Kate Anderson Brower, “We’re pretty sure [Hillary Clinton] clocked him with a book.”

““There were at least 20 books on the bedside table for his betrayed wife to choose from,” Brower adds, “including the Bible.””

Politico added:

“White House Florist Ronn Payne remembers one day in 1998, after President Clinton had publicly admitted to his affair with a former White House intern, when he was coming up the service elevator with a cart to pick up old floral arrangements and saw two butlers gathered outside the West Sitting Hall listening in as the Clintons argued viciously with each other. The butlers motioned him over and put their fingers to their lips, telling him to be quiet. All of a sudden he heard the first lady bellow “goddamn bastard!” at the president—and then he heard someone throw a heavy object across the room. The rumor among the staff was that she threw a lamp. The butlers, Payne said, were told to clean up the mess. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Mrs. Clinton made light of the story, which had made its way into the gossip columns. “I have a pretty good arm,” she said. “If I’d thrown a lamp at somebody, I think you would have known about it.”

The Washington Post did its best this week to defend Hillary Clinton by dismissing the reports as recycled rumors.

Wonkette attacked The Gateway Pundit for daring to bring up the subject.

The political media needs to do a better job of investigating whether or not Hillary Clinton is a husband beater. If this were Sarah Palin…

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