Flashback: Mother of Boston Marathon Bombers Claims “My Sons Were Set Up” (Video)

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of Boston bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was spoke with Russia Today after her Islamist son was arrested and another killed in connection to the Boston Marathon bombings. She said they were set up.

“Never, ever was this true. My sons were set up.”

Zubeidat had a difficult time explaining why her sons were lobbing bombs at police out of a SUV as they were being trailed by police.

From Russia Today: Boston bombings suspects are 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who remains at large. His brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnayev, was killed after a police car chase. Their family originates from Russia’s North Caucasus – but settled in the United States more than a decade ago.

Today Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts related to the Boston Marathon bombings.


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