Cuban Exiles Heckled, Brawl With Regime Thugs in Panama (VIDEO)

Cuban exiles protesting in Panama clashed with pro-regime thugs just days before the opening of the Summit of the Americas.

Panama is hosting the Seventh Summit of the Americas on April 10-11. The event will bring together the heads of state and foreign ministers of 34 nations including, for the first time, Cuba.

The exiles were heckled by supporters of Communist dictator Raul Castro Wednesday. The regime thugs shouted “imperialist” and “mercenaries” before the brawl broke out.


Obama has picked sides in Cuba and actively supports the Communist regime.
The US President is planning to announce support for lifting Cuba from the terror list this week.
NBC reported:

President Barack Obama is expected to announce that he is accepting a recommendation from the State Department to take Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terror list, sources told NBC News.

The announcement, which could come as soon as Thursday, is timed to remove a major obstacle toward normalization of relations with Cuba, just as Obama is set to meet Cuban President Raul Castro on the sidelines of a Latin American summit in Panama on Friday and Saturday.

Cuba was added to the terror list on March 1, 1982. The U.S. also considers Sudan, Syria and Iran sponsors of terror.

The President, who arrived in Jamaica Wednesday night, will travel to Panama City Thursday evening. Obama and Raul Castro spoke last December by phone but have not had substantive conversations in person. They met briefly in passing when both attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December 2013.

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