Alix Bryan Edited from CBS6 Twitter Home Page after Filing Bogus Fraud Report against Memories Pizza

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The name of Alix Bryan, Interactive Producer for CBS affiliate WTVR-TV in Richmond, Virginia, was removed from the station’s Twitter profile Friday evening.

The verified Twitter profile previously read, “Local news and beyond, discussion and an inside look at the process. Contact w/ newstips. Tweets by @scott_wise, @alixbryan, @nickdutton. Clicking on each name linked to the individual’s Twitter page.

The profile now just reads, “Local news and beyond, discussion and an inside look at the process.”
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This is apparently the only action taken so far by WTVR. Spokespeople for the station have twice told The Gateway Pundit that Bryan’s actions were being reviewed by station management and that no statement had been issued on the matter.

The action by the station followed an uproar Friday afternoon over Bryan’s statements on Twitter this week about her filing a bogus fraud report with GoFundMe against Memories Pizza, the Indiana restaurant that has temporarily shut down after being harassed by totalitarian gay-rights supporters outraged the store said in a gotcha TV interview that in theory it would not cater a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs.

The station’s General Manager Stephen Hayes responded to an email Friday afternoon by Dana Loesch, one of the initiators of the GoFund Me page for Memories Pizza. Hayes brusquely dismissed Loesch’s inquiry about Bryan, saying her comments on Twitter were not the station’s business.

“Ms. Bryan posted on her personal page. No affiliation to WTVR or reporting.”

Bryan’s verified Twitter profile mentions her employment with WTVR, “I like to travel, ask questions, and help improve the world. 1/3 of a kick-ass web and social media team @CBS6 in #RVA. Opinions are my own, not employers.”

Bryan posted a comment to Twitter at 7:10 p.m. EDT Friday about the response to her filing a false claim against Memories Pizza.

“You will have to tell me about this some time! Omg. It’s amazing the hatred.”

While Bryan’s name has been taken down form WTVR’s Twitter profile, she is still listed In the station’s online staff directory.

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