Top Obama Economist Calls Republicans ‘Nazis’ Over Religious Freedom Law

An economist with the U.S. Department of Labor who has a history of speaking to the press on behalf of the Obama administration took to Twitter to vent about Indiana’s new religious freedom law enacted late last week.

Elizabeth Ashack tweet via Right Scoop

Elizabeth Ashack wrote:

“people in the red states vote for nazis to govern, and then call themselves Christian, it will not end well for them. #BoycottIndiana”

Ashack’s tweet was first reported by SooperMexican at The Right Scoop.

Ashack has since deleted the tweet and also edited her Twitter profile to remove mention of her position with Labor.

The profile previously read: “Economist at US Department of Labor BLS, Economics, Social Media, Stars, Planets, History, Golf, Former Wall Street, #INTJ”

BLS stands for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the agency that produces the unemployment figures released each month.

INTJ is apparently a reference to a personality type descriptor.

Ashack’s attack and then cleansing of her Twitter profile of her government job is similar to that of Obama appointee Brandon Friedman whose Twitter attacks on Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates last year resulted in him altering his profile to remove mention of his position at the Department of Housing and Urban Development after he was called out by The Gateway Pundit for calling the troops “psychopaths”.

Ashack was featured in a 2013 report on MSNBCs All In with Chris Hayes complaining about a potential government shutdown.

“In the event of a government shutdown, the first thing Elizabeth Ashack will do is apply for unemployment benefits.

“”I’m the breadwinner because my spouse is in college,” she told MSNBC on Monday, just hours before the deadline to avert a government shutdown. ”We don’t have a lot of extra money to play around with.”

“Right now, Ashack is an economist for the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. But if the government shuts down, she and hundreds of other federal employees will be indefinitely furloughed without pay. Furloughed government employees will qualify for unemployment benefits, but otherwise they’ll be on their own. Meanwhile, the people actually responsible for the shutdown—members of Congress—will continue to draw their $174,000 annual salary.

“I’m very upset today,” said Ashack. “I was scrambling around today trying to get all the money in the credit union. It’s really sad what’s happened in our country, and there’s a total disregard for federal workers.”

“While economists like Ashack are typically paid around $110,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ranks of non-essential government employees include many who are earning far less.”

Ashack also was interviewed by Reuters in 2013 about the labor market:

“While the unemployment rate has fallen steadily over the last year, the share of part-time workers who want more hours has barely dropped, according to BLS statistics.

“”Workers are not doing well,” said Elizabeth Ashack, an economist at the BLS. “They’re losing ground because wages are not growing in real terms.””

The Daily Caller reported Ashack has worked at the Labor Department since 1998.

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