SHOCKING SCHOOL BUS STOP BRAWL – Parents & Kids With Baseball Bats & Guns (Video)

A shocking shcool bus brawl video was released this week.

It was taken at a school bus stop in Alabama where students and parents fight it out with guns and baseball bats.
Via Conservative Treehouse:

Locals pulled out bats and guns at the school bus stop.

Greene County school bus brawl– Guns and bats
bus brawl alabama


FOX Local 6 reported:

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office confirms several people have been arrested after a fight broke out last week outside a stopped school bus.

An onlooker captured the fight on video, which was uploaded to YouTube on March 10. [Warning: There is profanity in the video.]

The fight happened in the Jena community. The video shows more than a dozen people involved, some using bats. At one point, a woman has what appears to be a gun.

Lt. Jeremy Rancher with the sheriff’s office did not know how many people were arrested, but said both minors and adults were arrested on charges that varied from second degree assault to disorderly conduct.

brawl alabama
The wild brawl lasted for several minutes and included women swinging baseball bats.

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