Sheriff David Clarke: Eric Holder Is Most Race-Obsessed Attorney General In US History (VIDEO)

sheriff clarke 2

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on The Kelly File to discuss Eric Holder’s tenure as Attorney General. Clarke called Holder the most race obsessed Attorney General in US history.

Eric Holder has been the most race obsessed Attorney General in the history of the United States. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. You know, Megyn, that symbol with that blind-folded lady. It’s supposed to be color blind as well. Eric Holder makes decisions that are color coded. Everything he does is put through the racial lense. He’s had Ferguson, Missouri and its police department in his crosshairs ever since he went down there with that tragic situation with Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. And, he said, “We’re going to make this right.” On the way out the door he’s got one more kick of the can. He wants to put Ferguson, Missouri up on his mantle with law enforcement agency that he indicted with some sort of racial practices. I don’t know everything that’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, but if I was a city official I would fight these charges.

Via The Kelly File:

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