PHOTOS: Houthi Rebels Take Over US Airbase in Yemen – Obama’s Success Story

In September 2014, Obama bragged in his address to the nation that Yemen was a foreign policy success story.

On Tuesday, Houthi rebels took control of the Al Anad airbase in Yemen.
Just five days ago the base was home to 120 US special forces.

Shiite Houthi rebels seized Yemen’s largest al-Anad airbase on Tuesday.


The New York Times reported:

Yemeni fighters and army units allied with the Houthi movement closed in on the last redoubt of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi of Yemen on Wednesday amid news reports that he had fled by boat across the Gulf of Aden, possibly to the tiny African nation of Djibouti.

The unconfirmed reports of Mr. Hadi’s departure were denied by his foreign minister. But they came at a moment when his exit was increasingly expected amid a cascade of events hurtling Yemen closer to civil war.

The region’s most impoverished country, Yemen has been a central theater of the American fight against Al Qaeda. Along with Syria, Iraq and Libya, Yemen is also now at least the fourth state to veer toward collapse in the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolts…

…The United States evacuated its military personnel from Al Anad several days ago, as fighters from Al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate moved closer from one side and Houthi fighters pushed closer from the other. About 100 American personnel, including Special Forces commandos, were reportedly stationed there before the evacuation.

Houthi leaders have said their drive to the south is a battle to root out the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, portraying both groups as instruments of a broad international conspiracy including Israel, Saudi Arabia as well as Washington.

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