SHOCK CLAIM: PGA Golfer Says Tiger Woods Is Suspended For Failed Drug Test

PGA golfer Dan Olsen told WVFN that he has learned that Tiger Woods failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs and has been suspended by the PGA.

Dan Olsen: “Well, I’ve heard that he’s suspended. I heard he’s on a month’s suspension. And it’s kind of a strong witness. A credible person is telling me this. Well, it’s not testosterone but it’s something else. I think when it’s all said and done he’s going to surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy…

WVFN host: Well, he’s already put a big dent in his situation with the circumstance he got himself into philandering behind his wife’s back…

Dan Olsen: That’s nothing though. This is going to be surpass that. The women are going to take a distant second place.

Via Free Republic:

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