ISIS Supporters Set Up Facebook Rival “Selafabook”

isis facebook

ISIS supporters set up their own rival to Facebook called “Selafabook” recently. The social media site aims to become an alternative to Facebook and Twitter amid the crackdown against the terrorist group’s followers.
Middle East Eye reported:

Supporters of Islamic State have set up “5elafabook”, a website that aims to become an alternative to mainstream social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter amid a crackdown against the group’s online followers.

The website, which aims to support content in seven languages including Portuguese and Javanese, is hosted by London-based web hosting company GoDaddy.

5elafabook models itself on Facebook, with users able to create their own online profiles complete with avatars and personal information. The site also boasts a messaging service and a side-bar highlighting hashtags trending on the site.

The network’s name is taken from the Arabic word for caliphate, khilafa; “5”, in the site’s name, comes from that number indicating “kh” when used in Arabic. IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself head of a “worldwide caliphate” last June.

Despite its sophisticated design and capabilities, the new online service is in its early days, and suffers from frequent blackouts due to site maintenance and capacity problems.

A message in Arabic on each user’s home page urges browsers to “work to spread the site on social media and elsewhere – it remains quite unknown”.

Another message warns that there is a “total and complete ban” on users uploading personal images of themselves, and advises IS supporters to have “patience” in their dealings with non-supporters.

The message Monday morning at Selafabook says the website is “temporarily down to protect the info and details of its members and their safety.”

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