ISIS Murders Nine Iraqi “Spies” In Latest Mass Execution

ISIS murdered nine Iraqi spies in its latest mass execution.

But first the terrorists forced their victims to kneel down for photos.
isis spies killed

It was another bloody day for the disciples of Allah.
Via The Daily Mail:

ISIS has executed another nine men for allegedly being spies in an unknown location in the Middle East.

Each man is forced to give interview before their murder in which they admit to spying on the terror group’s location, movement and armament.

All nine of them – blindfolded with hands bound behind their backs – are then escorted outside by masked terrorists who eventually instruct them to kneel and place handguns to their heads.

They pull the triggers without hesitation, sending their victims jerking forward until their limp bodies hit the dusty ground.

The masked ISIS commander who introduces the latest senseless propaganda video says the men ‘were sentenced to death for betraying the religion of Allah’.

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