HAMAS SLAMS NETANYAHU – Denounces His Palestinian Remarks

Any reason to bomb the Jews will do.

The Hamas terror group denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today over his remarks on a Palestinian state. Netanyahu said there was no way he would help set up a Palestinian state that would put Israel in danger. The Palestinian government is led by Hamas and Fatah terror groups.
World Bulletin reported:

Palestinian faction Hamas on Monday denounced recent remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he refused the set-up of a Palestinian state.

“Netanyahu’s remarks are proof of the bogus nature of Israel’s claims about peace,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement.

He also lashed out at the desire of the Palestinian Authority for pursuing negotiations with Netanyahu.

Netanyahu told Israel Public Radio that if he is reelected prime minister, he will not order any withdrawals from occupied territories in the West Bank or approve the division of Jerusalem.

Around 6 million Israelis are expected to head to polling stations across the self-proclaimed Jewish state on Tuesday to select 120 members for their country’s Knesset (parliament).

Here’s all you need to know about Hamas.


Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas encouraged Arab voters to get out and support Herzog.

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