HAITIAN ACTIVISTS Protest at Hillary Clinton’s Office Over BILLIONS MISSING in Relief Funds (VIDEO)

‘Where Is The Money?”
clinton haiti money
Sign reads: Bill Clinton where is the money?

Dozens of Haitian activists protested outside of Hillary Clinton’s office over “Billions Stolen” by the Clinton Foundation in hurricane relief funds.

In November Haitian activists held a protest outside of Bill Clinton’s Harlem office. The activists want Bill Clinton what he has done with the $6 billion collected for Haitian earthquake reconstruction.

The activists also denounced Hillary Clinton’s role as US Secretary of State in the installation of Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly as a puppet president who has accelerated the US and white power destruction and plunder of Haiti.

The protesters claim the $10 billion that was collected was wildly mismanaged.
The Week reported:

More than $10 billion was donated to rebuild Haiti after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, some of it to the Clinton Foundation, the charitable organization sponsored by former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. But protesters at the Foundation’s Harlem offices say the money was wildly mismanaged and did not provide the relief Haitians desperately needed.

“Only 900 homes were built, and they were not even built in the area where the earthquake took place,” said Ricot Dupuy of Radio Soleil. “So much inconsistency, so much irregularity.”

A Haitian Activists Against Hillary 2016 page was recently taken down by Facebook.

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