Elderly Woman Body Slammed, Hospitalized over Handicapped Parking Space (VIDEO)

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“It’s not my fault the elderly woman bounced off my big (chest).” Kezia Perkins according to police. Photo via the Daily Mail.

A dispute over a handicapped parking space at a Walmart in Greenfield, Wisconsin last month sent a seventy-one year old to the hospital for emergency hip and leg surgery after she was attacked by a younger, larger, heavy-set woman who accused her of stealing a parking space, WITI-TV reported.

The February 3rd assault was captured on security camera footage that was released to the public. The video shows the attacker trying to maneuver her dark-colored car so that she can park in a handicapped spot, though it may not have been clear that the spot was her intended parking place.


A white SUV pulls in front of her car and takes the parking space. The driver of the dark car parks her car behind the SUV, gets out and walks over to the driver side of the SUV. After a few seconds she returns to her car and gets something out of the trunk.

A passenger can be seen popping his or her head out of the driver side of the dark car.

The angry driver returns to the SUV on the passenger side. She then returns to her car and starts to get in.

At this point the elderly woman gets out of the SUV and walks by the passenger side of the dark car which is still parked blocking her in the handicapped space. The driver of the dark car gets out and walks around her car to confront the elderly woman.

The video shows the heavy-set woman throwing her weight in to the elderly woman knocking her off her feet and slamming her in to the pavement.

She later reportedly told police: “It’s not my fault the elderly woman bounced off my big (chest).”

Witnesses to the attack quickly gathered to attend to the victim. The attacker did nothing to help. The passenger got out of the car but did not help the victim either. They both got back in the car and sped off. The video ends with the attacker’s car stopped in the next parking aisle for an unknown reason.

The alleged attacker, Kezia Perkins, 32 years old, was charged with a felony for aggravated battery.

Police said Perkins was driving on a suspended license and was using a handicapped placard that was not in her name and was not valid.

The elderly victim had recently undergone hip replacement surgery. The force of the attack ruptured the new hip forcing it to be replaced. The victim also suffered fractures to her femur. Police said she was in surgery for five hours after the attack.

Perkins’ lawyer issued a statement to the media:

“We maintain Ms. Perkins’ innocence relating to the charges that have been brought by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office. This was an unfortunate accident that came about after a misunderstanding between two individuals. Ms. Perkins is, herself, disabled, however the fact that her disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women.

“More than anything, this case highlights the need for individuals to be aware of and sensitive to the fact that many people may suffer from disabilities and ailments that are not always readily noticeable. We believe that the facts will come out as this matter progresses and that ultimately Ms. Perkins will be cleared of the charges in this case.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Perkins’ status:

“Perkins, who is free on a signature bond, is expected in court for a preliminary hearing March 11.”

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