VIDEO: Yemeni Shiites Were Chanting ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’ Right Before Mosque Bombed

Shiite Muslims at a mosque in Sana’a, Yemen were praying/chanting anti-American, anti-Jewish slogans the moment before a Sunni ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in the mosque last Friday killing and maiming many of those who had been chanting the evil prayer of the Houthi movement that has taken control of parts of Yemen including the capital, Sana’a.

ISIS claimed responsibility for this and the simultaneous bombing of another Shiite mosque in Sana’a. The dual mosque bombings by a reported three bombers killed well over one hundred and wounded hundreds more.

Cellphone video of the moment of the attack was translated by MEMRI and posted to YouTube.


“Preacher: Our belief in Allah will increase after today. We will triumph over their deceit and their arrogance. Allah is with us…

“The worshippers chant: Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam. Allah Akbar. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to…

“An arrow on-screen points to a man walking through the crowd, a bomb goes off and worshippers cry out”

(Translation and description by MEMRI.)

According to the blogger Elder of Ziyon, the prayer chant is the Houthi logo and slogan: “God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Power to Islam.” (Note, precise translations vary.)

houthi logo graffiti yemen elder of ziyon
2012 photo of Houthi slogan painted on wall in Sana’a, Yemen. Source: Elder of Ziyon.

As Yemen fell further in to chaos, the United States on Friday withdrew the last of its troops from Yemen. They had been training Yemenis to fight against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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