Charlie Sheen BLASTS OBAMA: I Don’t Care About His NCAA Picks “When World Is in the State It’s In” (VIDEO)

You know Obama’s really in bad shape when Charlie Sheen, Roseanne, and Conservatives agree!

2011 -- Presidential Bracket
While Rome is burning, Obama makes his NCAA Final Four picks on national television.

Actor Charlie Sheen unloads on President Obama over wasting time on NCAA picks.
TMZ reported:


Charlie Sheen just UNLOADED on President Obama — tearing POTUS apart because he filled out an NCAA Final Four bracket … and telling TMZ Sports, “We deserve better from our President.”

Earlier in the day, Sheen had posted a tweet — in which he rips Obama for making college basketball picks instead of attending funerals for soldiers.

“It’s not cool,” Sheen said … “I don’t care about the picks. I care about wasting that kind of time when the world is in the state it’s in right now.”

Sheen was not so reserved on Twitter:

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