AUDIO: Mark Levin Caller Reveals Obama’s TASK FORCE PLAN For Illegal Aliens To TRANSFORM America

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Sue Paine with WCBM called into a prior Mark Levin’s show with bombshell information regarding an Obama Task Force conference call in which she [Sue Paine] was invited to listen and participate. Unfortunately, Sue’s first call to Levin’s show was in the last few minutes (at the end of the previous show). Levin didn’t have enough time to vet her as a source. So Levin asked her to provide her contact information off the air and promised to continue the discussion on his next show (02-26-2015) after vetting her as a source (link to Levin podcasts here for downloading).

Below is the audio (YouTube link here) of that conversation:

Heritage Foundation (via RightScoop) offers more on Obama’s “Task Force on New Americans” along with some questions for Obama—such as:

Is the Administration’s view that we are a “nation of groups,” and is this the vision that will be instilled in the new immigrants?

Heritage notes how Obama (and the Left) not only ban words such as “illegal aliens” (law-breakers from the start), but Liberals no longer allow words such as “assimilate” or “melting pot” or “legal immigrant” policies.

Last week, Obama made outrageous remarks—to his LaRaza clapping seal crowd—regarding America as a Nation of Immigrants and soon there will be a President Chen, and a President Rodriguez. As Mark Levin noted in his CPAC speech (paraphrasing): “No Mr. Obama, we are NOTNation of Immigrants—we are a nation of CITIZENS!”

And to expand on criticism of Obama’s remarks, this is why the Article II requirement for “natural born citizen” matters—which should not be confused with “naturalized.” Natural Born refers to born on US soil to Citizen parents. BOTH parents (plural) need to be citizens at the time of birth (not one parent) AND the birth needs to be on U.S. soil—the logical qualifier is not an “OR” but rather “AND”—both conditions need to be true to ensure alliance with America for the Office of Commander in Chief. This is why Obama is not eligible. This is why the same constitutional law must be upheld for both Liberal and Conservative candidates.

But I digress, there’s more on this Task Force (via RightScoop) from the following tweet with a link to a White House Task Force Memorandum:


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