Two Months After Terrorist Attack, Sydney’s Lindt Café Remains Closed

Guest post by Joe Hoft in Sydney


It’s been more than two months since a terrorist closed down Australia’s Lindt Café at gun point.  The Sydney establishment remains closed.

The gunman who took hostages at the Lyndt Cafe in Martin Place was known to police.
The Islamist wanted officials to deliver an ISIS flag to the cafe. He also said he wants to speak with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
mufti sheik haron
The hostage taker in Sidney, Mufti Sheik Haron, killed two Aussies during the seige. The Islamist previously sent hate mail to Australian war widows.

The Islamist took and killed hostages before being eventually killed himself.  The Lindt Cafe was known for its great chocolates before last December’s horrendous attack brought the store on Martin Place international attention.   The cafe is just up the street from the iconic Sydney Opera House.

The building is still under repair to fix the material damage resulting from the horrible event. 
God bless the people of Sydney.

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