REPORT: US Hostage Kayla Mueller Was “Given” to ISIS Commander During Captivity

Officials believe former ISIS hostage Kayla Jean Mueller may have been “given” or “married off” to an ISIS commander during her confinement by the terrorist group.
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ISIS announced this month that Kayla Mueller had perished in a bombing raid.
News-AU reported:

COUNTER-TERRORISM officials believe an American aid worker kidnapped by Islamic State militants in August 2013 may have been married off to an ISIS commander during her captivity.

According to the jihadist group, Kayla Mueller was killed last Friday when Jordanian bombs rained down on northern Syria, flattening a building where she had been housed.

US President Barack Obama yesterday confirmed Ms Mueller’s death but said there was no proof to back up ISIS’s claims she perished during air strikes.

Today, new details emerged of Ms Mueller’s captivity, with “counterterrorism officials” saying it was likely she had been forced to wed.

“ISIS didn’t see her as a hostage or a bargaining chip,” one unnamed official told ABC News.
Ms Mueller’s family told the media on Friday that ISIS had referred to their daughter as a “guest” in private communications.

There were also sightings of Ms Mueller in the company of an ISIS commander who was under surveillance. He appeared to have custody over her, possibly as a result of forced marriage, another official told ABC. She had also been seen alone.

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