Police Demand Chief’s Resignation After Giving “Stand Down” Order During #BlackLivesMatter Anarchist Defacing of Police Memorial

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The #BlackLivesMatter anarchist crowd threw paint and defaced a Denver memorial dedicated to fallen police officers. A 9News article reports the officers and Fire Department immediately cleaned up the memorial and arrested two of the protesters.

The police chief issued a “Stand Down” order while protesters defaced the memorial. Police are furious and are demanding the chief’s resignation.

CBS Local reports the following:

Two people were arrested Saturday afternoon while police monitored a group that had been staging protests throughout Denver.

During the protest a memorial dedicated to fallen police officers was vandalized, which has led to a controversy involving police administrators and the head of the police union, who is calling for Denver Police Chief Robert White to resign. […]

Denver police say some protesters poured red paint over the memorial dedicated to fallen police officers. The memorial is located in front of Denver police headquarters and lists the names of police officers who have died in the line of duty. […]

Rogers spoke exclusively to CBS4’s DiSpirito following the incident. He said officers monitoring the protest were told by their superiors to not to interfere and to let the vandalism happen. Rogers said he and officers are so upset about that decision that he’s calling for White’s resignation.

“There is no reason to allow someone to desecrate a memorial,” Rogers said. “There is no reason to allow that to happen, it’s wrong … we have a breaking point, and we are there.”

A police spokesman would not respond to the union president’s comments. Earlier in the day Cmdr. Matt Murray says its protocol not to engage protesters.

“We believe it’s better for the community not to have conflict,” Murray said.

Rogers said many officers take serious issue with the orders coming from the top.

“I will ask all 1,400 police officers to rally, and we will respond to the mayor’s office in unison to hand him a letter asking for the chief’s resignation,” he said.

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