Obama WH Cheers Brave Libyan Bishop Who Won’t Flee ISIS – But Won’t Send Him Help

ISIS released a new video earlier this month–
The video was titled…
“Message Signed in Blood to the Nation of the Cross” is from the Islamic State’s Al Hayat Media.
isis message blood

In the video ISIS slaughters 21 Christian Copts in Libya.
The Christians were all wearing orange jumpsuits and were marched out together on a beach.
isis libya copts

The men kneel down in a line.
isis slaughter copts
They act like they are in some kind of a trance or drugged.


The people of the cross.
people of the cross

At the end of the video the water runs red with blood.
bloody water isis

Christians continue to come under attack across the Middle East.
Barack Obama shows little interest in their plight.

Today the White House cheered the brave Catholic Bishop who will not flee Libya despite the ISIS threat.

Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli has decided to stay in war-torn Libya despite the increased violence against Christians.

But, the White House won’t send the brave bishop any assistance.
You’re on your own, buddy.

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