Islamic Clerics in Pakistan Declare Valentine’s Day “Un-Islamic”

Pakistani Muslims protest Valentine’s Day.
pakistan day valentines
They called the celebration of Valentine’s Day against the teaching of Islam. “Haya Day” on the banner means “Modesty Day” in Pakistan’s Urdu language. (AP)

Pakistani clerics declare Valentine’s Day “Un-Islamic”.
Dunya News reported:

Just as the love was in the air on looming Valentine’s Day, clerics took a harsh take and termed the event as ‘un-Islamic’. Jamaat Islami chief said that those who love all year don’t need a day for it, Dunya News reported.

As per the details, the clerics have termed the Valentine’s Day celebrations as against the teachings of Islam. Talking exclusively to Dunya News, Mufti Naeem said that the media should not promote Valentine’s Day as Islam does not allow celebrating such a day.

Allama Raghib Naeemi said that Valentine’s Day should be observed as the ‘day of modesty’.

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