ISIS Women Publish Manifesto – It’s Acceptable to Marry at Nine

Female ISIS militants published a manifesto recently hoping to draw more girls and women to the Caliphate. The manifesto says it’s acceptable for girls to marry at nine years-old but that 15 and 16 was preferable – when they are “still young and active.”

VICE News reported:

The authors posit that it is acceptable for a girl to be married at the age of nine, noting that “most pure girls” will marry by the time they are 16 or 17, while “still young and active.” The text also describes the “ideal” education for a female, which it says should begin when they are seven, and end when they are 15, “or a little earlier.”

During this time, female students should be taught textile skills and knitting, basic cooking, and instructed in child-rearing methods. Basic science should be included in the curriculum during the early education period, while the focus in later years should be on Sharia, Islamic history, and a study of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers.

In a passage that dismisses Arab physicians and scientists from the Islamic golden age as “heretics,” the document suggests that Muslim boys and girls alike should not spend a “short life learning of the worldly sciences that give no spiritual reward, apart from that which repulses the might of the infidels and benefits Muslims.” The focus should be on worship and the development of religious knowledge.

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ISIS women train in peaceful practices.

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