Iraqi Envoy to UN: ISIS May Be Harvesting Organs of Victims

Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations accused the Islamic State of harvesting organs.

It’s widely believed that the ISIS is funding their terror state by oil sales. But, there are now reports that ISIS is also profiting from human organ sales.

The caliphate is trafficking human organs from kidnapped captives.


The Express reported:

Dozens of bodies have been discovered with surgical incisions as well as missing kidneys and other vital organs, Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim briefed a security council.

The corpses were found piled up in shallow, mass graves over the last few weeks.

Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim yesterday urged the UN Security Council to investigate the allegations of organ harvesting.

“We have bodies. Come and examine them,” he said.

“It is clear they are missing certain parts.”

Ambassador Alhakim claimed a dozen doctors were “executed” by the Islamic State in Mosul, in northern Iraq, for refusing to harvest organs for the terror group.

Mosul, which was seized by Islamic State militants in June last year, is the third largest city in Iraq and home to more than a million people.

The Iraqi ambassador also accused the Islamic State – also referred to as IS, ISIS and ISIL – of “crimes of genocide” by targeting certain ethnic groups.

Nikolay Mladenov, the outgoing UN envoy to Iraq, reported that 790 people were killed in the country by terrorism and armed conflict in January alone.

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