Happy Chinese New Year of the Ram…er…Goat… er… Sheep

(Guest post by Joe Hoft)
Year of Sheep

Year of Goat

China welcomes in the Chinese New Year by saying goodbye to the year of the Horse and welcoming in the year of the Ram… or is it the Goat… or the Sheep??? Apparently it is all three. Certainly the Ram and the Sheep are the same because a Ram is a male sheep, but the goat is a different animal, isn’t it? Perhaps the ancient Chinese liked both goats and sheep and didn’t want to slight either?

Shanghai Tallest Bldg

Regardless, China today has some of the world’s greatest skylines (including Shanghai’s with the world’s 2nd tallest building above) and a massive population enjoying growing prosperity. It has done this with social program costs that are less than 1/30th of those of the US on a per capita basis.


So while the US is being set up for a future trying to figure out how to pay off massive debts, China will continue to celebrate more years of the Ram… er… Goat…er… Sheep.

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