Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Executive Amnesty Program for Illegal Aliens

Federal Judge halted Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens last night.
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Honorable Andrew Hanen, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas

Barack Obama argued against executive amnesty over 20 times before he went ahead and passed it.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio applauded the court’s injunction against Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants.
Freedom Watch reported:


A federal injunction halted President Obama’s “deferred action” programs for amnesty for an estimated 5 million illegal aliens. At 11:04 P.M., EST, the Honorable Andrew Hanen, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, published an order granting a temporary injunction. The result is to halt Obama’s amnesty programs pending the results of a full trial in the Texas federal courtroom.

Larry Klayman, general counsel of Freedom Watch, Inc. (founder of Judicial Watch), applauded the ruling. Sheriff Arpaio filed a “Friend of the Court” brief in the Texas case urging issuance of a preliminary injunction by his attorney Larry Klayman. Larry Klayman and Sheriff Joe Arpaio applaud Judge Hanen’s ruling as essential to preserve the fabric of our nation’s system and constitutional foundation.

The lawsuit, State of Texas, et. al. v. United States of America, Case No. 1:14-cv-00254, involved 25 States – half of the nation – as plaintiffs all opposed to Obama’s amnesty programs, especially when implemented by the president’s raw, unilateral executive authority. As Larry Klayman told a press conference on December 22, 2014,

“This is not a case mainly about immigration. From my many years and legal practice in Miami, I have had many Cuban immigrant friends and clients. Most importantly, this is fundamentally about the rule of law and our constitutional system. Regardless of our policies on illegal immigration, we must uphold and defend our U.S. Constitution.”

Arpaio and Klayman also filed their own lawsuit in the U.S. District of the District of Columbia on November 20, 2014, within hours of President Obama’s announcement of his latest executive amnesty programs. That lawsuit, Arpaio v. Obama, et. al., Case No. 1:14-cv-01966, was heard for a preliminary injunction in Washington, D.C, on December 22, 2014. The Honorable Beryl Howell denied a preliminary injunction the following day by finding that Arpaio’s office as Sheriff did not have “standing” to challenge Obama’s programs.

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