Eric Holder Loses It – Lashes Out at FOX News (VIDEO)

The Obama Administration refuses to call the enemy by its name – Islamic Extremism.
And now they’re very upset at FOX for pointing this out.

Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at FOX News today.

“We spend more time talking about ‘what do you call it’ instead of ‘what do you do about it.’ I mean really. If FOX News didn’t talk about this they wouldn’t have anything to talk about. You know, radical Islam, Islamic extremism, (gasp) I’m not sure a lot is gained by saying it.”

Once again, the Obama administration talks tougher to FOX News than to ISIS.
Via The Five:

Charles Krauthammer described the Obama administration’s confusion as pathological,

“We have an administration that is truly pathological in its inability to actually state what’s going on. When the pope, who is not exactly a Christian militant… says that these people were killed because they were Christians and the administration says that the ones who were killed were Egyptian citizens you got a serious problem.”

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