BREAKING: SHOOTING AT DENMARK CAFE During Blasphemy Debate by Anti-Islamist Artist Lars Vilks

Three police officers were wounded today in a shooting at a Copenhagen debate.
Anti-Islamist artist Lars Vilks organized the event and was in attendance.

UPDATE: One person was killed.
One suspect was described as looking Middle Eastern.

The debate was on the theme of ‘Art, blasphemy and freedom of speech’ in the Österbo area of Copenhagen.


Artist Lars Vilks is on the Al-Qaeda hit list.
hit list al qaeda

The attackers fired off from 50-200 shots at the diner.
shooting denmark
The attackers fled the scene in a dark Volkswagen Polo, according to Copenhagen police.

Security officials took Lars Vilks out the back door of the restaurant.

KWCH reported:

Three police officers were wounded in a shooting incident Saturday at a Copenhagen, Denmark, event organized by supporters of Lars Vilks — the Swedish cartoonist whose portrayals of the Prophet Mohammad angered many in the Muslim world — Danish media reported. French diplomat Francois Zimeray, who was at the event, tweeted that he is “still alive in the room.”

Muslims have targeted Swedish artist Lars Vilks since he published a cartoon depicting Mohammad’s face on the body of a dog.

Vilks has received death threats since he drew this image of the prophet Mohammad with a dog’s body back in 2007.

UPDATE: The debate resumed after the shooting according to the organizers

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