Bob Woodward: There Is No White House Strategy for ISIS (VIDEO)

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This morning on FOX News Sunday reporter Bob Woodward blasted the White House for having no plan for dealing with ISIS.

Woodward said the military is upset because Susan Rice is telling the generals how to fight.

If you talk to people in the White House and the military, I think there’s agreement and John McCain is right and General Flynn is right, there is no strategy. They have not sat down and said this is where we want to go and this is how we want to do it. And the measure of that, when you head into the weeds here, people from the White House are micromanaging the tactical situation on a daily and weekly basis. That’s not their job. They have to kind of do strategic planning and say what do we want to accomplish in the next year… You talk to people in the military who were there and they’ll say, ‘We are being micromanaged and we’re not given a real plan to say what are we going to do here.”

Via FOX News Sunday:

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