Shock Video Shows Shooting in Elevator in de Blasio’s New York

New York News

New York City police released elevator surveillance video on Thursday of a shooting in Brooklyn that took place last week. The video was released in the hope of developing tips to catch the brazen shooter.

The victim survived and is reportedly still hospitalized.


The thirty second video repeats the shooting seven times and closes with a zoom on the shooter’s face. It appears both the shooter and the victim are Black men. Three other Black men in the elevator were not wounded.

In the video the gunman can be seen walking casually up to the open elevator, wearing a hoodie and winter coat with his hands in the coat pockets, as if he’s getting on it to ride with the other passengers already onboard. He stops at the elevator door and pulls out a gun with his right hand, extends his arm and shoots his target once in the left chest from a few inches away. The victim raises his arms in shock and pain then falls to the elevator floor as the gunman runs off.

According to WNYW-TV, the shooting “happened at about 8 p.m. on December 30, 2014, inside 940 Gates Avenue in Bushwick.”

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