Russian Bombers Intercepted Over English Channel

bomber russia
A photo taken in October and provided by Britain’s Royal Air Force shows a Russian “Bear” bomber (NPR)

Russian nuclear-capable bombers were intercepted over the English Channel this week.
CNN reported:

Russia’s ambassador to Britain was summoned to the UK’s Foreign Office on Thursday to explain why two Russian bombers were flying over the English Channel this week, a representative of the office said.

Two Russian bombers “caused disruption to civil aviation” when they flew near, but did not cross into, British airspace on Wednesday, the Foreign Office representative said.

Two UK Royal Air Force jets intercepted the bombers, both capable of carrying nuclear weapons, south of Bournemouth, England, over the English Channel, a UK defense spokesman said Thursday.

The British jets escorted the bombers for about an hour-and-a-half until the bombers left the area, the defense spokesman said.

“Russian aircraft maneuvers yesterday are part of (an) increasing pattern of out-of-area operations by Russian aircraft,” the Foreign Office representative said.

The representative did not elaborate on how civil aviation was disrupted. Details about what the Russian ambassador has told Britain about the incident weren’t immediately available.

Couple this with the Russian spy ship in Cuba and the three Russian spies recently charged in New York, and it appears the Cold War is back on. Hillary, your “Reset” button appears to be defective.


For the record… Condoleezza Rice warned about the vacuum created by Obama’s failed policies.
The Washington Times reported:

“Right now, there’s a vacuum. There’s a vacuum because we’ve decided to lower our voice. We’ve decided to step back. We’ve decided that if we step back and lower our voice, others will lead. Other things will fill the vacuum,” she said, according to audio obtained by The Washington Times. “But of course it’s not our allies and our friends, it’s not the international norms that have filled that vacuum. It is instead dictators like Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Vladimir Putin in Russia. It’s extremists like al Qaeda raising the black flag in Fallujah in Iraq.”

She did not mention Mr. Obama by name, but blasted both his approach and his specific policies, including the Pentagon’s recent announcement of major force reductions.

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