Imam Anjem Choudary Praises ISIS-Iraq – Condemns Christian Host on Air (VIDEO)

anjem chaudary terrorist lee rigby
Anjem Choudary at rally in 2007 with Woolwich terrorist killer Michael Adebolajo – the Islamist who butchered and beheaded UK soldier Lee Rigby.

Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary praised ISIS-Iraq and condemned radio host Steven Crowder on the air.
Via Louder with Crowder:

Conservative radio host Steven Crowder reported:


CROWDER: “Who carries out Shariah in the world most closely to your beliefs? Which country?”

CHOUDARY: “Well I don’t think any of them do quite frankly but I believe that what is the project in Syria and Iraq and places in Moli, Somolia, etc are doing quite well.”

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