Blowhard Howard Dean Apologizes to Vets But Not “Right-Wing Nut Jobs” for American Sniper Attacks (Video)

Democrat Howard Dean apologized to military veterans Tuesday for his comments last week linking audiences of the film “American Sniper” to angry Tea Party enthusiasts. Appearing on “Real Time With Bill Maher”, Dean said that there was maybe “a lot of intersection” between angry people seeing the movie and the Tea Party.

Today Howard Dean doubled-down on his insults.

“I’ll apologize to the veterans. I haven’t seen the movie and I think I was wrong. I make no apologies to all of the right-wing nut-jobs that have been twittering me in nasty language, but I do apologize to the veterans.”

For the record Howard Dean is not only offensive, he is wrong.
Deadline Hollywood reported, via The Kelly File, 43% of the American Sniper audience is women. And, 37% are under the age of 25.

Rupert Murdoch may have said it best.

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