CAIR & Michael Moore Retreat When Called Out for Attacking American Sniper Chris Kyle

The Council on American Islamic Relations is trying to weasel out of attacking American Sniper Chris Kyle as a “hate-filled killer” on Twitter this week.

CAIR is playing the ‘who do you believe, me or your own lying eyes?’ card after being called out by The Gateway Pundit and Fox & Friends and is now trying to hide behind the original author of the quote attacking Kyle.

Monday night TGP reported on a tweet by CAIR’s Twitter account, @CAIRNational, that featured the message, “#AmericanSniper – The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as…” and noted the tweet was based on the headline of an article at the Guardian linked to in the tweet. It was also reported that was the only tweet by CAIR in recent days on Kyle and American Sniper.


Fox & Friends reported on CAIR’s tweet Tuesday morning. Later in the show co-host Steve Doocy read a complaint from CAIR that they themselves had not called Kyle a “hate-filled sniper”, they were merely tweeting an article with that message.

Anti-American film maker Michael Moore and comedian Seth Rogen similarly tried to weasel out of their attacks on Kyle and American Sniper made this past weekend. Moore laughably said he was not talking about Kyle when he tweeted “snipers were cowards”; Rogen said he wasn’t really calling American Sniper a Nazi propaganda film. Likewise CAIR now says it has “has not reviewed or commented on the film.”

CAIR tweeted a link to a carefully edited YouTube video from Fox & Friends posted by CAIR ‘s communications director Ibrahim Hooper on Tuesday.

The tweet’s message:

“Video: Fox & Friends Retracts Claim that #CAIR ‘Attacked’ ‘#AmericanSniper’ as ‘Hate-Filled Killer’…”

CAIR has not contacted this author or TGP about the article. Here is the statement CAIR posted with the YouTube video:

“Earlier today, the host of ‘Fox & Friends’ falsely claimed that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, had “attacked” the new film “American Sniper” and had called the movie’s main character a “hate-filled killer.”

“After being contacted by CAIR, “Fox & Friends” retracted that claim, noting that a reviewer writing in the Guardian newspaper, not CAIR, was the source of the “hate-filled killer” reference.

“CAIR has not reviewed or commented on the film.”

A sincere statement by CAIR would read, “CAIR apologizes to Chris Kyle’s widow and anyone who misinterpreted our tweet of an article about American Sniper. CAIR does not believe Chris Kyle was a “hate-filled killer.” But that’s not what CAIR said.

UPDATE: Fox News Channel’s ‘The Five’ contacted CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper on Tuesday about the tweet. CAIR and Hooper declined to answerif they thought Chris Kyle was a “hate-filled killer”

“BOLLING: Yesterday, we told you about Michael Moore andSeth Rogen’s vicious attack on the American military, wow they’re trying tobacktrack — will be getting to that in a second. But first, Americans’ largestMuslim Civil Rights Group CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations isgetting heat for tweeting out a Guardian newspaper article, yesterday onAmerican Sniper Chris Kyle, where they called him a “hate-filledkiller.” Those were(n’t) CAIR words, but it could leave the impressionthat they’re sympathetic to that point of view. So we called CAIR and asked, dothaw (sic) think Chris Kyle is a hate-filled killer? CAIR and Ibrahim DougHooper flat-out refused to answer and dodged the question.”

Mark Levin talked about TGP’s CAIR article on his radio showTuesday night (around the 76:20 mark)

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