Breaking: Two Americans Shot At – One injured in Saudi Arabia

Two Americans were shot today, one was injured in Saudi Arabia.

KTUU reported:

One American was killed and another was injured when a gunman attacked their vehicle convoy Friday, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a Saudi police spokesman. The attacker subsequently was injured in an exchange of gunfire with police, and is now in police custody, the report says. The attack happened at a gas station near King Fahd highway east of the capital, Riyadh, the report says.

Middle East Eye has more.


A statement released by the state-run Saudi Press Agency, citing a police report, said that a vehicle carrying the two US citizens was fired on from an “unknown source” on Saladin al-Ayubi Street in al-Mubarraz City. Saudi Special Forces are now conducting a criminal investigation, according to the report.

The injured American was taken to a hospital and is reportedly in “stable condition”.

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